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The Violeta Group also offers a Horeca program in its portfolio, which includes paper products and chemicals for professional consumption. In addition to consumables, Violeta is also a specialized supplier of dispensers for toilet paper, paper towels and soaps in restaurants and other public facilities.

We care about your consumption

By using the correct dispensers, we reduce the consumption of paper products. Dispensers with a paper extraction system enable better control of consumption and reduction of waste.


Higi toilet paper in sheets is an ideal product for hotels, restaurants or business establishments. Packed in 200 sheets. The special feature of this paper is its softness, which makes it stand out from products of a similar type. The paper does not contain dyes or artificial bleaches, and is produced from 100% cellulose from renewable sources.


One of the options in the Higi range of paper towels is the Autocut roll. The advantage of that rolls is a large number of sheets, which makes them an economical choice, since they do not have perforation. Higi roll has high absorption properties, thanks to a special type of industrial raw material used in industrial production.


Higi liquid soap maintains the natural balance of moisture in the skin, which is why it leaves a pleasant feeling after washing. The combination of honey and milk is known for its effect on skin elasticity. The product is available in a 4 liter package.


Premium quality for best price

The economic option of paper towels is packed in 200 sheets per clip. Along with these towels, we also offer a dispenser with a simple and elegant design, in black or white.